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The Pultrusion Process

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The Pultrusion Process

Many Redco FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) customers are aware that FRP comes in molded and pultruded forms, but most do not know what the pultrusion process is or how it creates a superior product. Molded FRP is what it sounds like: you have a large mold, you insert glass rovings (strands) and pour plastic resin on it. Once it cools, you eject the product (such as popular FRP molded grating) and your product is done.

Pultrusion; however, is a very different process. As the name sounds, the product is being “pulled” through what is essentially an automated production system. Fiberglass rovings and matting are pulled through a resin saturator and then through a forming die. In addition, and unlike the molded product, a synthetic surfacing veil is added. This veil offers additional UV protection to the product. This works to create a product with exceptional longitudinal strength and more stable, stronger, product that will outlast molded FRP. A short video by Strongwell illustrating this process can be seen here:

Fastening Molded FRP Grating

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Fastening Molded FRP Grating

One of the most common questions we get from the public is regarding how to fasten FRP molded grating sheet. Fortunately, the customer often gives us some leeway…But where to start on your design? What hardware do you use?

The best approach of all is to avoid hardware if possible. This means having a trench where the FRP can sit, perhaps in some steel angle but will not move around. This offers several benefits. Firstly, the FRP can be installed and removed within seconds and allows for easy cleaning or maintenance. Secondly, the only available hardware is expensive, M-clips can cost upwards of $5.00 apiece and 18-24 are required per sheet.

If M-clips are required than anchorage to steel angle is preferable. M-clips allow a bolt to fasten FRP grating down to a substrate. If you are unclear about what is required for your application then get in touch with the details of your project.

Redco EXTREN Angle

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Redco EXTREN Angle

We often get requests asking us if Redco FRP is available in equal leg angle – the answer is yes! In fact, several angle profiles are stocked by our manufacturer in all three EXTREN resin systems. As a refresher, the three EXTREN resin seems are series 500, series 525 (fire retardant) and series 626 (vinyl-ester fire retardant). FRP angle offers advantages over other plastic angle that is available: FRP is very strong, nominally rigid, yet flexible. And the corrosion-resistant properties of Redco EXTREN cannot be understated!

Redco EXTREN angle is available in 10′ segments. Colors are standard: green for series 500, gray for series 525, and beige for series 626. Any deviation would be subject to a special order and may not be available for runs less than a few thousand feet. Assuming that standard stock will work, posted below is the availability list. If you require a quotation please fill out our request for quote form here.


What Defines “Value” – An Honest Comparison

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What Defines “Value” – An Honest Comparison

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is always compared to wood or metals. It is unavoidable simply because those are the traditional materials FRP replaces in applications. But how does FRP really stand up to those traditional materials – what are the advantages, and  disadvantages, of going with FRP? List form and nothing held back and we’ll even start with “the bad news”:


1.) Initial cost – no question FRP will be more expensive than comparable metal or wooden products. It’s an advanced composite, most of it is American manufactured, and there is no way around the upfront expense. If this is your sole concern, to find a cheaper product than wood or metal, than FRP is not for you.

2.) Availability – Many FRP products will have to be brought in from the supplier. This can result in leads times of at least a few weeks and high transportation costs if you only need a small amount of product.

3.) Fabrication – Fabricating the material requires diamond or carbide tipped blades and masks for the dust.


1.) Lower lifetime cost – Not even close: FRP will outlast wood or metal with virtually no maintenance long after the other two have rotted or rusted away. Lower labor costs, because of net zero maintenance or need to replace.

2.) Electromagnetic transparency – can be used where interference from metal affects an application

3.) Corrosion-Resistant

4.) No Rot, rust, or mold

5.) Does not conduct heat or electricity

6.) Very lightweight & easy to install

If you think FRP might be right for your application then contact us for a quick response.



Getting The Help You Need For Your FRP

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Getting The Help You Need For Your FRP

So, you think you have a project that need Redco FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) where do you start? It can be daunting to figure out how to get your projected quoted or ready for quotation and there isn’t a one size fits all approach. So we’ll try to speed up the process for you with our recommendations below. They will all end up having you contact Redwood Plastics, the supplier of Redco FRP (“Redco” is a Redwood Plastics trademark) but the preparation is different.

1.) You have a drawing for a project which involves FRP

The first thing is to make sure the FRP is properly spec’d. Look for a note that says something like “T1800-1″ pultruded grating gray” simple “FRP grating” on a drawing will not be enough for us to quote. We often get contractors that just “click” forward of a drawing to us without the proper specs. We need those specs, so if you get them first, that speeds the quotation process. Once done please email us.

2.) You need design help

This depends on what type of design help you need. Redwood Plastics does not have engineers to assist. However, depending on the scope of the project, we may be able to supply online access to the “Strongwell Design Manual” which you – especially if you’re an engineer yourself – can use to design your project. For access to the design manual email us.

3.) You know exactly what you need

Simply fill out our RFQ form with the information you have. Please be as descriptive as you can, with quantities, colors, etc. given. If we don’t have this information we must ask, which will slow down the quotation process. Note that our RFQ form does allow you to attach one drawing.

4.) You need FRP product but it cannot wait – you need to know if it’s in stock

In this case, we would recommend you go to our website and initiate a “LiveChat” with an operator. See the box in the bottom right on that page. The operator can check on stock levels and/or phone the correct people to get you a quick answer if the material is stocked and how quickly it can ship.

5.) You just have some general questions about FRP

LiveChat is definitely your best option here. Just go to and click the box in the bottom right to start a chat. Alternatively, you can email us.

If your query does not match any of those above simply email us or start a LiveChat and someone will get back to you within one business day.

Resin Systems Chart

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Resin Systems Chart

Customers new to FRP products may be surprised to learn how many resins are available for FRP products. In general terms, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) are glass strands or rovings covered in a liquid plastic which cools and binds the FRP component together. Resin is very important as different resins offer different corrosion resistance, max operating temperatures, flame spread and price. Price should be the least of your concern, selecting the best FRP for your application should come first!

Below is a chart of the available resin systems. These apply to grating products primarily but theoretically could be applied to special orders on products such as EXTREN angle or shapes. A minimum order would apply and may apply on some specialty grades of resin. The best way to understand what resin is best for your application is to contact us and discuss with a representative.



T5000 Grating: Pultruded Quality, At The Price of Molded

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T5000 Grating: Pultruded Quality, At The Price of Molded

Pultruded grating is a superior product to molded grating options in most applications; however, that premium performance usually comes with a premium cost. The exception is T-5000 economy grating available in x 1″ and 1.5″ thick, a pultruded grating specifically manufactured to offer the performance of pultruded grating at the price of the molded option. This grating has “T” shaped bearing bars with 50% open space between the bars. They are spaced 2″ on center and usually stocked in 4′ x 8′ and 4′ x 10′ sheets. Standard colors are yellow and gray with a medium grit (fine grit is available if requested). This grating option is best when the grating will be subjected to normal foot traffic, will not have any vehicles travel over it, and where the customer is not picky about the style of bearing bars, color, etc.

To download your copy of the Redco grating brochure with information on the T5000 economy pultruded grating click here.

Shipping Your Order

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Shipping Your Order

FRP composites are a premium product and provide excellent value. But FRP is an investment and if money can be saved without compromising value, isn’t that worth a little extra work? With FRP projects we are often asked to quote freight included. What you may not understand is that sales margin is being applied to the freight. We are a plastics company, not a logistics company, and arranging freight is not something we offer. If required to provide freight as part of a customer’s request, the work a sales rep has to do outside of their position has to be compensated for.

The simplest alternative is for you to get your own freight quote. We will supply the weight and zip code of origin and within the U.S. that is enough to get an estimate. It could save you hundreds of dollars on your order and is one of the best tips we can give.

Value-Added Services

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Value-Added Services

Outside of selling complete sheets of grating, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) applications are rarely “one size fits all”. In many cases, customers will request some fabrication work being done and this can be anything as simple as cutting EXTREN lengths to size or drilling sheet. However, this could be more involved in many applications including partial assembly of structures, painting, sealing of exposed “fingers” on grating that is cut-to-size, sanding, and other services. The most important thing to do to ensure your are not disappointed with your FRP products is to ask. If you are unsure how your product would come to you, be sure to ask. If painting, color, drilling, cutting and other services cannot be supplied on your end – be sure to ask for assistance as well.

For more information on the value added services that can be supplied for your Redco FRP order please contact us today.


Custom Pultruded FRP Grating

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Custom Pultruded FRP Grating

One of the benefits of pultruded FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) grating is that it is customizable. The grating is essentially bearing bars, in a “T” “I” or rectangular profile connected by fiberglass cross-rods. But while we have stocked profiles available, we can supply grating with variable openings (aperture). For example, I6000 series grating denotes an “I” beam profile with 60% spacing between the beams. But we could supply a solution with 25% spacing, for example, if need be. But customization doesn’t stop there. Other areas that can be customized are whether or not grit is included, color, or resin type. For example, one of the longest serving pultruded grating installations is in an offshore oil platform off of California. The grating with a phenolic resin, which allows the grating to better hold up in case of fire, was installed in 1979 and is still installed requiring almost no maintenance.

A custom grating solution is not practical in all cases. There will be a minimum order required, often thousand(s) of feet worth of material in that case there may be other solutions we can look into. For example, if a custom color is needed, the grating could be painted with a polyurethane based paint. We also supply pultruded grating cut to size for applications such as swimming pool grating (which often uses standard profiles).

If you are interested in a quote on pultruded grating, contact us today.