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FRP: What Is Price, Really?

molded-gratingIt is one thing to promote a product’s advantages and benefits, it is another to discuss one issue no one  is comfortable discussing unless they are sure it is in their favor: price.

Redco™ FRP materials offer numerous advantages and benefits over traditional materials: steel, aluminum and wood. That said, upfront costs with FRP materials are often significantly higher than traditional materials. That is the truth of the material.

However, that does not tell the whole story. The life cycle cost of FRP materials are often much less than traditional materials. Regarding the life cycle costs, the following questions need to be asked of traditional materials:

 Will significant time be spent on maintenance over the life cycle (cleaning, repainting, resurfacing, protecting)?

                -Might the traditional materials need replacement due to corrosion, rust or rot?

                -Is safety an issue due to possible degradation of traditional materials?

                -Are there electrical hazards?

                -Is ease of installation important?

Those are just a few examples of questions you need to consider before choosing traditional materials for your application. If you are unsure about how steel, aluminum or wood will hold up in answer to any of the questions above, there is a good reason to consider FRP. If you are unsure of traditional materials in your application regarding to any two of those questions or more then FRP likely is an excellent alternative.

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