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Pultrusion Power

While Redco™ does carry some “traditional” molded FRP products, our pultruded FRP products make up the bulk of our product line. Pultrusion offers some significant advantages when it comes to FRP. The strand mat and rovings are always equally distributed due to the pultrusion process, providing a consistency that molded grating cannot match. Furthermore, pultrusion covers the FRP product in a synthetic surfacing veil. This veil provides two benefits: 1.) it keeps the glass rovings from the surface and 2.) provides UV protection.

The process itself is very interesting. Rovings and strand mat are drawn from large drums and pulled together via a system of guide plates. The glass materials are then saturated in a resin impregnator where the surfacing veil is applied immediately after saturation. Next a system of reciprocating pullers draw the material from a forming & curing die to a cut off saw at the end of the machine. The advantage of this process is that a wide range of lengths are available to the customer.

Words do not do the system justice. Take a look at this short video that shows the process using 3D graphics:

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