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Coastal Solutions

Redco™ FRP materials are designed for harsh environments, where traditional materials such as steel and wood may suffer corrosive degradation. When you think of “corrosive environment” some sort of exotic locale such as giant waste treatment plant or oil rig may come first to mind – but an idyllic oceanfront environment probably would not!

However, the constant salt breeze with the resulting moisture in the air creates one of the most corrosive environments marinas_docks_1you will encounter in everyday life. The assault on structures is constant and fortunately we can offer a variety of solutions.


Imagine bright, attractive fencing or railing that does not rust, corrode or need repainting every year. One stereotype of FRP materials is that they are strictly for “industrial” uses and are not attractive. However, Redco™ FRP materials are not only very attractive, comparable to the best steel or aluminum structures, but they require almost no maintenance and offer significant benefits and a lower life-cycle cost.


A pier or boardwalk not requiring tar-soaked wood seeping its hydrocarbons into the ocean is a reality. FRP materials offer the strength to build even a larger pier, yet will not corrode in a harsh coastal environment. On the contrary, it could be argued the material is more attractive and does not have the unpleasant smell of the oil-based preservatives used to make wood suitable for coastal use.

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