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Double-Lock Stability

Double-Lock Stability

Need another reason why pultruded fiberglass grating outperforms molded grating?

Pultruded grating is our premium grating system and consists of two components: the large bearing bars and the cross-rods. Bearing bars are extremely strong components in latitudinal strength that come in “I”, “T” and rectangular profiles; however, it is the cross-rods that literally bind the system together. Cross-rods are pultruded specifically for a certain orientation of grating profiles and then machined in order to match a system of groves to the bearing bars.

Cross-rods come in three pieces – upper and lower spacer bars that lock in with the bearing bars and an epoxy coated wedge that is pushed through the center. In this way the system becomes locked both with an adhesive bond and a mechanical lock. This provides the grating with excellent dimension stability. Check out this brief animation:


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