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Veils, Paints and UV-Inhibitors

Veils, Paints and UV-Inhibitors

Representatives that help distribute Redco™ products take an online test at regular intervals designed to ensure that the rep’s product knowledge is maintained at a high-level. Recently, the reps were faced with a simple question and we wanted to see how they would respond: “Are Redco™ FRP products UV-Stabilized? Yes or no?”

Don’t get us wrong – our reps know whether or not our products are stabilized! But the trick of the question was the “yes or no” responses that were permitted. It was designed to see how the rep would tackle a question that is not simply “yes” or “no”. The reality is that Redco™ FRP is UV-stabilized as far as strength, the material’s physical properties will not erode due to UV exposure and this is because of the synthetic surfacing veil which is applied to the material as part of the pultrusion process.

But the products do not come UV-stabilized for color unless requested. It is important for our representatives to ask if this is important, in order to not disappoint our customers. However, it is helpful as well if our customers say that UV-stabilization for color is important up front. If you have purchased a product without UV-stabilization (for color), the product can be protected by the simple application of polyurethane paint. More information can be found on a blog here.

The issue of the UV-stabilization of Redco™ FRP is not cut and dry and is something that should be part of the sales process. For more information on Redco products contact us today:

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