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FRP on The Farm

FRP on The Farm

Recently we have received a few inquiries on Redco™ pultruded and molded grating for farms and ranches. In all cases, our contacts were looking for a floor that would not rot or corrode and be very low-maintenance. A crowded area teeming with livestock is difficult and unpleasant to clean – hopes were that Redco™ FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) would provide a stable, long-lasting floor. While FRP does have its uses as flooring for livestock there are important limitations to consider.

Firstly, molded grating is not recommended. Despite the higher resin content, the grating chips more easily by the hooves of the animals. Pultruded grating can work but it depends on the livestock as the shape of the hoof and the gait of the animal is important. T-1800 grating (18% spacing between bearing bars) is a good choice for pigs while T-3000 grating is best for sheep. Unfortunately, due to their hooves and particular gait, no Redco™ FRP grating is suitable for horses or cattle.

If these limitations can be worked around, Redco™ pultruded grating is an excellent choice. The spaces between bearing bars let liquids and other debris fall between the cracks (presumably to an area that is easier to clean out) and the excess food or animal by-products will not have an effect on grating strength, lead to rot, or otherwise a weaken the floor.

The best way to ensure a correct choice of material is to get in touch with a Redco™ FRP representative who will help ensure the correct material is specified for your job.

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