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Phenolic Grating Handles The Heat

Phenolic Grating Handles The Heat

FRP materials have countless applications in the oil and gas industry, everything from handrails and grating to entire custom platforms. Several of the properties of FRP make it an ideal building material. Consider an offshore platform: FRP will not rust or corrode due to moisture or salt air and is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals.

But oil and gas could also mean hazards from flame and heat during a disaster and Redco™ DURAGRID® Phenolic Grating is an excellent choice in areas where this may be a hazard. The grating had excellent flame retardancy, low smoke toxicity and will keep its structural integrity better than other composite options. Redco DURAGRID® Phenolic Grating is the first composite grating to receive U.S. Coast Guard Approval. The grating also complies with Annex 1, Part 2, 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 (smoke and toxicity testing) FTP Code (International Code for Application of Fire Test Procedures) issued by the International Maritime Organization. Furthermore, DURAGRID® Phenolic is accepted for use in locations and applications allowed in the U.S. Coast Guard Policy File Memorandum 2.98 for fire retardant FRP grating meeting structural fire integrity Level 2 (L2).

This is yet another example of fiberglass composites filling a niche requirement in the oil and gas industry and an option that should be strongly considered.

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