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Phenolic Grating Handles The Heat

Phenolic Grating Handles The Heat

Traditionally, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) materials are made with a vinyl ester or polyester resin. While the resins can have flame-retardant additives included in the resin, sometimes these properties still don’t meet the required standards. In these cases, and specific applications such as offshore oil & gas platforms, Redco Phenolic grating* may be the answer.

The phenolic grating is the first to receive U.S. Coast Guard approval for meeting the Policy File Memorandum 2-98 for fire retardant grating meeting structural fire integrity Level 2(L2). The grating will resist deformation and carry its design load in temperatures up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. But this resistance to extreme thermal conditions is just one of many advantages Redco phenolic grating offers:

  • Strength – can take 2.4x the load of equivalent steel grating
  • Lightweight – 1/3rd the weight of equivalent steel grating
  • Ease-of-fabrication – does not require hot-work or heavy equipment to work with
  • Corrosion resistance – offers the same anti-corrosion benefits as other FRP materials
  • Memory – bounces back after impact, unlike metal grating

Not convinced yet? Click here to take a look at this eye-opening comparison of phenolic grating vs. aluminum

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