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FRP Equals Fun?

FRP Equals Fun?

Maybe that’s a stretch…Or maybe not? Redco™ Fiberglass reinforced plastic (“FRP”) is commonly seen as an “industrial” product but creative, even fun, applications for FRP are located all over the world. In fact, many of the properties that make FRP valuable to the world of heavy industry make it equally valuable in applications for the everyday public. Let’s take a look at a few examples:


FRP comes in a wide range of standard colors and is very durable. FRP grating makes an excellent anti-slip surface for children to play on. If the grating is suspended, dirt and debris will simply fall through the holes making the grating Fun_Gratingvirtually maintenance free. Colors can be mixed and matched to create a true “playground” feel. This picture is from Madison Square Park in New York.


FRP grating does not corrode and resists chemicals such as chlorine. It is also available fully UV-protected by being painted by the manufacturer to withstand outdoor weathering. FRP is non-conductive and will outlast wood or metals in the same application. Also, FRP looks great and can fit virtually any theme. It absorbs no water and can handle submersion.



FRP is also widely used in marinas, even private docks. Mini-mesh is particularly popular as the small spaces between the squares of grating keep small items such as keys from falling through. It has been used to create attractive and safe ramps or decorative, insect-proof pyramids in in the Southwestern U.S. FRP is available in so many profiles, colors and resin systems that you have to ask yourself – why isn’t it seen as more “fun”?


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