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FRP Handles The Coast

FRP Handles The Coast

Coastal areas provide a tough environment for materials to survive. Water and salt attack both wood and metal causing corrosion and rot. This results in applications and structures that require a high amount of maintenance and need premature replacement. But there is a better solution: Redco™ fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). FRP is not affected by salt, rain or other erosive forces found on the coastline. FRP will maintain its properties while being low maintenance many years after competitive materials need to be replaced. A few applications that have been successful previously:

1.) FRP Mini-mesh or pultruded grating as dock surfacing

FRP works very well as a dock solution as it will not rot or rust and is electrically non-conductive. Applications all over the U.S. and Canada from large scale marinas to small, personal docks have been made using FRP. Often, no hardware is required to affix the material. Customers will often create ‘troughs’ where the FRP can sit in a safe and precise orientation.

2.) Architectural applications

This one might come as a surprise, as FRP is often considered to be an “industrial” product only, but there are many FRP products that are made to look attractive in architectural applications. Strongwell, manufacturers of Redco FRP, once supplied material for a hurricane-resistant home on the Carolina coast. Stairs, fencing and decking are all available in attractive FRP options that resist all types of weathering.

These are just a couple quick examples of how FRP makes an excellent choice for coastal applications. For help with your application, contact Redwood Plastics.