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Cellular Visual Shielding

Cellular Visual Shielding

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) has a proven track record of excellent performance in the visual shielding of cellular antennas. The antennas need to be covered for aesthetic reasons but materials used need to transparent to cellular signals: metal will not work. Strongwell FRP products, distributed by Redwood Plastics under the name “Redco FRP”, have been extensively tested – most notably by the Los Angeles Research Report (L.A.R.R.). This report requires stringent testing, from 3rd parties, and tests mechanical, UV, fire and weathering properties. The test was also done on a wide range of materials from Redco EXTREN, to DURASHIELD building panels, SAFPLANK, and even FIBERBOLT fiberglass studs and nuts.

The reasons Redco FRP is so beneficial in cellular tower visual shielding applications is because the products are:

Virtually transparent to Cellular Emissions / Frequencies

  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion / Rot Resistant
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free
  • Durable / Impact Resistant

We can quote your visual shielding jobs that specify Strongwell products. To get a quote contact us today.