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FRP Application Checklist

FRP Application Checklist

When a project specifies fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) we sometimes do not receive all the information we need to quote a solution. It’s not as simple as “build this, quote the cheapest option” (which we do get!). In fact, we’ve had our time wasted and also delayed our customer’s solutions as we and other bidders end up providing very different solutions both in quality and cost for the same build. The result is quotations, and decisions, are not made “apples to apples”. If you are an engineer working on a project, or a purchaser approaching us for pricing, having pre-answered these questions in advance will lead to a quicker, more accurate quotation:

-How corrosive is the environment? (this may affect resin selection)

-Is color important, what color is required?

-Does the product require fire retardant properties?

-Do we need to supply a freight charge with the quote?

-Does the product require certifications (such as NSF 61 safe for potable water)?

-If the product involves grating, does the grating require grit?

-If grating is specified, do you know the thickness?

-Do you need all materials to be manufactured in the USA?

In addition, drawings are critical to virtually any project we must quote. Please supply them along with any quote request. If you want technical advice designing your project, we can connect you with the Strongwell Design Manual. You can contact Redwood Plastics here.