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Quoting FRP Ladders

Quoting FRP Ladders

Custom FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) ladders are a common inquiry we receive. The ladders replace metal ladders and last longer because they are corrosion-resistant. They are also light, easy to install, and available in specialty grades such as NSF 61 certified for potable water contact. While some parts of the ladder are standard and the “blanks” can be filled in by us on a quote request, there is still some critical information we need from you, the customer.

The main piece of information that is often missing in a ladder request is to do with a cage. Firstly, we need to know if you even want a cage but we also need to know if you want the standard “walk-thru” or side mounted cage. We also need to know if we can floor mount the ladder or can wall mount only. Any special certifications that are required, such as being NSF 61 safe, need to told to us upfront. Options such as custom color or painting of the ladder and knowing if we’re required to provide a freight charge should be discussed up front.

When it comes to the process of ordering a ladder that can sometimes seem unclear. Every FRP ladder contract will require a drawing to be approved first prior to production of the ladder. This drawing must be signed and faxed or emailed back to us. It takes up to 2 weeks to get the drawings and once approved, a further 3-4 weeks to manufacture the ladder. This means a total lead time of 4-5 weeks from purchase date to shipment.

For a quotation on a FRP ladder or to answer questions you may have please contact us.