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Market Spotlight: Hospitality

Market Spotlight: Hospitality

You wouldn’t think FRP products would have uses in hospitality buildings, such as hotels and motels, that would be described as “attractive” or “excellent architecture” but nothing could be further from the truth! FRP products are quite attractive and can add beauty in addition to strength and lower lifecycle costs. FRP, while more expensive than traditional materials such as concrete, wood and metal, FRP is easier to install, virtually maintenance free, and will more than earn back its value in labour saved.

Common applications include handrails, stairs and stair treads, and fencing. The FRP components are often shipped out with a polyurethane base coated paint. This provides UV-resistance to the product and permits painting over it. People have become quite creative with FRP in these applications especially with fencing allowing the product to mimic the color and appearance of wrought iron as an example. With careful selection of the product and the application of paint you’re really only limited by your imagination.

Using FRP in the hospitality industry is especially beneficial when your buildings are exposed to harsh elements: particularly salt, water, heat, wind, or even insects. Insects will not attack FRP structures unlike wood! These products are also beneficial when, frankly, you do not have a large maintenance staff or would prefer them to do more important tasks than maintaining stairs and handrails.

For more information if an FRP solution is right for your hotel or motel, please contact us today to discuss.