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Composite Armor


HS Armor Panels

Strongwell’s HS fiberglass armor panels, co-developed by Hardwire LLC, are designed for ballistics resistance. The panels are assembled using specially constructed glass reinforcements in a proprietary resin matrix. The panel components are then cured in a controlled cycle.

When struck by a bullet or other projectile, the panels delaminate in a way that absorbs the energy and stops the projectile. Thousands of these panels were purchased by the U.S. Military to help protect our troops in Iraq.

Common Applications:

  • Judge Benches
  • Jury Boxes
  • Convenience Stores
  • Bank Teller Areas
  • Panic Rooms and Safe Rooms
  • Storm Shelters

The HS Armor panels have been independently tested to UL752 Levels 1 through 3 and NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Levels 1, 2A, 2 and 3A. The 0.156″ panel meets NIJ level 1 criteria; the 0.25″ meets UL Level 1 criteria; the 0.3125″ panel meets NIJ Level 2A criteria; the 0.40″ panel meets UL Level 2 and NIJ Level 2 criteria; and the 0.50″ panel meets UL Level 3 and NIJ Level 3A criteria.

HS Armor is independently tested on a regular basis to ensure conformance to certain specification requirements.

The ply delamination process of energy absorption is illustrated in the photo above. Three .44 magnum bullets are totally encapsulated by the fiberglass panel to meet UL 752 Level 3 and NIJ Level 3A specifications.

Fabrication and Installation

Strongwell’s HS Armor panels can be cut and drilled using ordinary carpenter’s tools. A carbide “grit edge” blade is recommended for cutting. It is recommended to use high speed drill bits at slow speeds when drilling. Installation of panels is easily accomplished with bolts, screws or industrial grade adhesive.

Testing and Requirements

HS armor panels are independently tested on a regular basis for conformance to the following specification requirements. The panels above were tested for UL 752 Level 3 with a .44 Magnum Pistol.