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Selected Markets

Products for Selected Markets

From pultruded grating on offshore oil platforms to driveshaft components for trucks to innovative solutions for highway bridges – Redwood Plastics distributes problem-solving products for wide variety of markets and specific applications. If you have an application where you are considering fiberglass, contact us.

We likely have just the solution you’re looking for!


Architectural Solutions
Handrail, Decking, Structural Shapes, Trash Gates, Building Panels, Grating and Custom Shapes

Composite Armor
Armor Panels, Bank Teller Areas, Judge Benches, Jury Boxes, Convenience Stores, Panic Rooms and Safe Rooms and Storm Shelters

Marinas and Docks
Architectural Handrail, Pultruded Grating, Structural Shapes, Decking

Fiberglass Decking, Fiberglass Handrail and Fiberglass Pier Supports

Offshore Oil & Gas
Phenolic Grating, Production Platforms, Tension Leg Platforms, SPARs and MODUs

Tool Handles
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Pruners and Post Hole Diggers

Water/Wastewater Treatment
Baffle Panels, Odor Covers, Fabricated Structures, Weirs, Scum Baffles and Flight Channel

Fabricated Structures, Non-Skid Pultruded Grating, VGBA Compliant Drain Components, Handrail, Decking and Stair Treads

Electrical Substation Products
Secondary Containment Systems, Utility Trench Cover Systems

Cooling Tower Components
Structural Shapes, Fan Deck Decking, Ladders, Walkways, Platforms and Grating

Hotel and Motel
Handrail, Fencing, Decking and Structural Profiles

Restaurant Industry
Gates, Enclosures, Handrail, Fencing, Ladders with Cages and Visual Screening

Fiberglass Ladder Components
Stronger than Wood or Aluminum Ladders, Will Not Rot or Corrode, Vivid Colors and Low Conductivity.

Bridges – Girders, Decks and Strengthening Strips
FRP Bridge Deck Systems, 36″ Double Web Beams, Concrete-Reinforcement Systems, Building Panel Systems, Structural Member Strengthening Strips

Composite Driveshafts
A lightweight, one-piece driveshaft featuring fiberglass/carbon fiber reinforced vinyl ester pultruded over an aluminum tube.