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Restaurant Industry

Low maintenance, great looks, ease of construction, and overall cost savings—the restaurant industry is quickly discovering the benefits of fiberglass! Redwood Plastics durable, lightweight and corrosion resistant products are excellent for exterior applications where durability and aesthetics are both important.

Redwood’s product offerings for restaurants include:

  • Gates and enclosures
  • Handrail and fencing
  • Ladders and cages
  • Visual screening


Redco COMPOSOLITE® Gates & Enclosures
Durable, long-lasting fiberglass trash gates and enclosures are the superior choice for screening waste disposal and other unsightly areas.

The lightweight, prefabricated REDCO™ COMPOSOLITE® gates and enclosures are designed to be installed quickly and easily without the need for special tools. The fiberglass materials will provide years of maintenance-free service, even in the harshest weather conditions, because fiberglass will not rust, rot, or corrode. Redwood Plastics gates and enclosures also are impact resistant so dents will not detract from their appearance.

Redwood Plastics custom designs enclosures and gates to suit each customer’s specific dimensional requirements. Custom colors are also available.
Typical Applications include:

  • Waste disposal area screening
  • HVAC equipment screening
  • Break area screening


REDCO™ DURAGRID® Trash Gates & Enclosures
REDCO™DURAGRID® fiberglass trash gates and enclosures are a perfect solution to the challenge of screening waste receptacles while maintaining easy accessibility. The attractive gates and enclosures feature alternating bars to provide 100% opacity while still allowing proper ventilation. REDCO™DURAGRID® trash gates and enclosures and other fiberglass structural materials are quickly becoming the industry’s choice because of a proven track record of maintenance-free service even in severe weather conditions.

Unlike metal and wood gates, fiberglass will not rust, rot or corrode. Redwood Plastics fiberglass gates also are impact resistant so dents will not detract from their appearance. The lightweight, prefabricated gates are easy to install as well and no special tools are needed for the installation.


Handrail & Fencing
Redwood Plastics custom architectural fiberglass handrail and fencing systems endure the elements and intense public use with ease. Durable, low maintenance handrail and fencing systems are available in a variety of styles to add both safety and good looks to any exterior.

Custom handrail and fencing systems are very strong, lightweight and easy to install. The fiberglass materials will not rust, rot or corrode, and therefore require little to no maintenance. Redwood Plastics handrail and fencing systems meet or exceed most major building codes and can be made to meet ADA requirements.
Handrail systems are typically produced using a white pigmented resin to allow for easy custom color painting. Various options available include two-color handrail, alternate mounting systems, additional rail and picket designs, and custom top rails. Standard fencing system is produced using a black pigmented resin to simulate the look of wrought iron.

Redwood Plastics also offers its standard REDCO™ SAFRAIL™ square and round handrail systems for use in areas that do not require architectural handrail. Both systems are available in a standard safety yellow color and meet OSHA requirements for strength and safety. The REDCO™ SAFRAIL™ round handrail system has easy-to-grip 90º molded corners to eliminate sharp edges. The round rails have the same outside dimension as typical metal rails for ease of adapting to common metal brackets. Options for the square and round REDCO™ SAFRAIL™ systems include kickplates, alternate mounting designs and custom colors.


Ladders & Cages
Ladder and cage systems available from Redwood Plastics are a durable, cost effective and safe alternative to steel, aluminum and wood ladders used for roof access. Strong, corrosion resistant and non-conductive fiberglass ladders and cages are the product of choice for businesses in a variety of markets. Standard REDCO™ SAFRAIL™ ladder and ladder cage systems are designed and fabricated to meet the strength and safety requirements of OSHA 1910.27 and can be designed to meet ADA requirements. REDCO™ SAFRAIL™ ladders are fabricated in a standard 18” rung width configuration with 12” rung spacings. Side rails and cages are produced using a pigmented resin. The rungs are a pultruded fiberglass tube with a fluted non-skid surface to provide sure footing. Ladders can be produced in any length practical for shipping, and systems can be shipped pre-assembled or in kit form for quick and easy installation in the field.

Custom designed ladders and access cages can be fabricated to suit the needs of each customer. Ladders can be ordered with or without cages. Other options include ladder covers and various mounting options. A wide range of color options allow customers to match ladders and cages with existing exterior features for an attractive finish.


Visual Screening
Fiberglass screens are an ideal way to shield HVAC equipment and other unattractive property features from the view of your customers. The fiberglass screens will not rust, rot or corrode and therefore require little to no maintenance, even after years in service.
Fiberglass screens are available in standard panel sizes that are light enough to be easily handled and installed by a two-person crew. Standard screens are designed to provide up to 100% opacity, depending on your specific architectural requirements, without restricting airflow. The sturdy panels are designed to easily sustain wind loads of up to 80 mph.
Custom visual screens can also be designed and fabricated upon request to suit unique architectural requirements.