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Design Tools

In partnership with Strongwell, Redwood Plastics has available every tool required to install and specify our fiberglass products including:

  • Design Manual
  • MSDS
  • CAD Blocks
  • Specifications
  • Corrosion Resistance Guide
  • Fabrication Worksheets

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Fiberglass Design Manual by Strongwell

The Strongwell Design Manual contains more than 400 pages of engineering data for the design engineer. The manual is based on years of manufacturing experience, extensive product testing and structural design and fabrication experience from Strongwell and numerous academic institutions. Addenda are issued to registered manual holders by Strongwell as changes and new data become available.

Design Data, Properties, Tolerances, Safety Factors and Load Tables are available for:

  • Deflection limitations and environmental factors can be specified.
  • Default design factors of safety may be changed.
  • Beam conditions can be specified.
  • Load information is given for concentrated point loads, full uniform loads, and partial trapezoidal loads. Maximum of 1 load cases, each consisting of up to 50 loads may be defined.
  • Types of investigations available include least weight for a structural shape under various loads, and calculation of factor of safety in bending, shear and deflection for sections under load.
  • Additional information is included about fabrication, specifications for FRP products and fabrication, corrosion resistance, project worksheets, metric system conversions and a design example.


The Strongwell Design Manual is made available specifically for customers and engineers who wish to use it to design structures using Strongwell products. This manual SHOULD NOT be used to design structures using pultruded products from sources other than Strongwell as the properties and quality standards may be different from Strongwell products. Accordingly, Strongwell reserves the right to deny access to Strongwell competitors or those known to be using other than Strongwell products.