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Bridges – Gliders,Decks & Strengthening

Pedestrian Bridges and Vehicular Bridge System Components

Emerging applications for Redwood’s pultruded FRP products include pedestrian bridges, AASHTO HS-25 bridge superstructures, decks and guard rails. The bridge industry’s interest in FRP as a replacement for traditional steel and concrete materials is due to:

  • Inability of traditional materials to resist corrosion
  • Rising costs of traditional materials (steel, wood, concrete) and associated increasing installation labor costs
  • Less public inconvenience and improved construction worker safety due to shorter installation periods
  • Significantly lower long term maintenance and replacement costs
  • The useful life extension of existing bridge superstructures with lightweight FRP bridge decks

Existing applications and new products under development include:

  • AASHTO HS-20 Bridge Superstructure
  • AASHTO HS-25 FRP Bridge Deck Systems
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Bridge Girder Strengthening
  • AASHTO HS-20 Bridge Superstructure