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Waterpark Solutions

waterparks_1ATaking one’s children to the local water park is a fun activity for many families. WaterWaterparks_1B Parks provide a fun way to cool down in the summer’s heat. But have you ever looked closely at the structures in the park? Many parks have metal structures and the constant exposure to water and chemicals such as chlorine have a major corrosive effect on the facilities. The sight of rust slowly oozing from corroded structures is not only unpleasant but in certain situations such as parks that do not use chlorinated water, serious health issues such as tetanus infection may be a potential issue. While the possibility of harm might be rare – if such an issue is preventable, why would you not want to prevent it?

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) materials, such as Redco™ EXTREN®, are corrosion-resistant to both water and chemicals. They are strong, lightweight and easy to build with. In fact, fiberglass materials can be affixed with fiberglass bolts to ensure long-lasting strength of the entire structure.  Depending on the grade, the EXTREN® line comes in three colors – olive green, slate grey or beige – but custom colors are available apon request. FRP materials will not rot or rust and are electrically non-conductive. They make an ideal building material for water park applications.

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