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Design and Support

Redco™ FRP products offer significant advantages over traditional materials in a variety of applications, many of which we try to draw attention to on this website. However, Redco™ FRP is backed by the Strongwell design manual – a powerful tool that is the industry standard and another reason to work with Redco™.

The design manual is an online guide that assists engineers in designing with Redco™ FRP. It includes over 400 pages of material. The manual gives in-depth information on the different products and important design factors such as load tables, deflection, shear strength, properties and tolerance. In addition, there are sections discussing corrosion resistance and fabrication techniques.

Along with the manual itself we can supply:Strongwell_design-Manual-icon

  • MSDS
  • CAD Blocks
  • Corrosion Resistance Guide
  • Fabrication Worksheets

This combination of concise, reputable information allows us to bring our end-users excellent support in their individual applications.  If you do not have engineers available to assist with your application, we have in-house engineers able to assist with your Redco™ FRP design. Fiberglass reinforced plastics are a valuable material, but like any structural system, must be designed properly – and we provide that assistance. It is critical to note that the design manual cannot be used for other non-Strongwell products. The properties of FRP vary based on the manufacturer and using the information to design with other materials is unsafe.

To request the Strongwell Design Manual please contact us at Both Redwood and Strongwell reserve the right to refuse access to the manual so please provide us with as many details as possible on the scope, project and types of material being considered.

CDN: 1 800 667 0999
USA: 1 866 733 2684