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UTILICOVER® Fiberglass Trench Cover System

UTILICOVER® Fiberglass Trench Cover System

In recent years fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) has become a better known product. However, many customers are surprised to learn of the breadth of FRP applications. If you don’t know about a solution – there is no way it can help you. Redco™ UTILICOVER® is one FRP product that is not well known.

utilicovers1Like traditional covers made of metal, UTILICOVER® is strong and cost-effective. Unlike metal, it will not rust or corrode and is very light. Easy enough to be installed or removed by one person. Redco™ UTILICOVER® are basically maintenance-free, save the occasional light cleaning of dirt or debris that might find its way on top of the cover. FRP utility covers reduced weight means they save on replacement or installation costs that plague concrete covers. In fact, you could install by hand Redco™ UTILICOVER® more quickly than you could remove concrete covers using an excavator.

A utility cover should be the least of your worries. So don’t let them monopolize your time and manpower – choose Redco™ UTILICOVER®.

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