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Pultruding On Budget

Pultruding On Budget

Over the course of a few articles on this website, the differences between Redco™ pultruded and molded grating has been discussed. Molded grating is traditionally the more economic of the two and is easier to install. However, pultruded grating has properties that match or, in most cases, exceed molded grating on most dimensions. Usually, the only “drawback” with pultruded grating is the upfront cost. The grating will perform better and will be well-worth the investment but sometimes that upfront cost is a tough sell.

There are; however, two exceptions. The Redco™ line of pultruded grating has two options that have less upfront cost with the same excellent properties of the other configurations. They were designed and mass-pultruded with economy in mind for cases where specific profiles were not specified and budget was a key issue.

“T-3300 Economy” is a thin grating with “T” shaped bearing bars and 33% space in between the bars. This configuration is suitable for foot traffic. The “I-6500” line is a regular duty pultruded profile that is also suitable for foot traffic but not as thin as the T-3300 line and, as the name suggests, is in the “I” profile. Both are available in standard 3, 4, and 5 foot widths and standard 8,10,12, and 20 foot lengths.


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