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A Flying Rig

A Flying Rig

One of our largest projects we’ve worked on has been suppling pultruded Redco™ Duragrid grating for a more environmentally friendly rig by Cenovus. The rig is about half the size of a regular rig and is flown in by helicopter to remote areas. This  reduces the environmental footprint on the land and does not require a fleet of trucks to drive everything in.

Our pultruded grating was chosen for a number of reasons. It is a superior grating system to molded FRP grating that often specified. Furthermore, despite our grating being more expensive than Asian competition – it was still selected due to the confidance our client had in North American manufacturing and quality control. When it comes to drilling for oil, you have to do it right!

Redco™ Duragrid has been a valued part of these drilling rigs and we have done several, just one application in many where premium pultruded FRP displays its value.

You can see our grating at the 0:46 point of this video: