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Quoting FRP

Quoting FRP

If there is any single area of confusion for Redco FRP customers it may be the quotation process on fabricated work. The process can take up to a week and customers are often caught off guard by the number of questions they are asked. You will note on a previous article we mentioned that engineers are personally (legally) responsible for their designs. This means that the engineer who reviews your drawings and specifies any variables into the project must ask the pertinent engineering questions in order to practice due diligence and protect themselves from legal liability.

In practice the procedure and timeline to quote a fabricated job is as follows:

1.) We discuss the application with you and get any drawings and specifications you may have (1-2 days)

2.) The information is submitted to our manufacturer

3.) Manufacturer reviews the information and either comes back with a budget quotation or provides a list of questions that need to be answered before the quote can proceed (1 week)

4.) Upon answering of the final questions and approval of the budget price, manufacturer engineers will either make, or request a set of, technical drawings to be signed by the customer approving a final price and the complete order (1-2 weeks)

5.) The order is pultruded and fabricated (5-7 weeks)

6.) Order is shipped to the local Redwood Plastics branch and is then ready to be shipped on site (1 week)

Note the time frame it takes to quote and fabricate the job. We supply that information to save you disappointment and a frequently asked question we get is “can you speed the lead time up?”  because we’re very busy and everyone is asking for faster production – it’s simply the length of the work queue. Please note these lead times do not apply to stocked FRP material such as standard sized grating and EXTREN sheet which, if in stock, can be shipped out from us or the manufacturer within 1-2 days.

For your questions on FRP projects or materials please contact us.