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FRP vs. Traditional Materials: Key Properties

FRP vs. Traditional Materials: Key Properties

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is an excellent substitute for traditional building materials (steel, wood, aluminum) in hundreds if not thousands of applications. However, when considering FRP for an application a comparison needs to be made between properties, not price. FRP will often be significantly more expensive, in upfront cost, but offer a lower life-cycle cost and important benefits versus traditional materials. If one of the following properties is important to your application than FRP would be a good choice. If two or three properties are important to your application than FRP is an outstanding choice and should not be discounted unless you have strong, valid reasons for selecting an alternative material.

A list of beneficial properties of FRP:

-FRP requires virtually no maintenance such as cleaning or rust removal

-FRP is not electrically conductive

-FRP does not conduct heat well

-FRP is transparent to radio and electromagnetic signals

-FRP is lightweight and easy to install

-FRP will not rot or rust and is corrosion resistant

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