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Custom FRP Pultrusions

Custom FRP Pultrusions

The Redco EXTREN line offers a wide variety of profiles to suit a variety of applications in several industries. But there are times where an existing profile still cannot meet the requirements in this case a custom pultrusion may be the solution. When should you consider a custom pultrusion? When it is clear after consultation that the profiles that exist already will not work and the quantity is significant. Significant would mean a few thousand feet worth of material. The ability to manufacture a custom pultrusion gives you a tremendous amount of choice, we can work with you to determine how much UV-resistance the profiles require or how much corrosion resistance. Even the surface finish can be worked out. We will fill out a form on our end used by manufacturing to detirmine the cost and feasibility of a custom pultrusion.

Besides the obvious information, such as your company name and address, we require the following information:

-Any drawings you may have of the part

-Details on the application (what is it doing?)

-What are the most critical features of the part?

-Chemical exposure? What chemicals and how much?

-Is the part being used outdoors? How much sunlight exposure?

-What color does it need to be?

-Does it require fire-retardancy?

-What is the operating temperature?

-How much quantity for the initial run? is the run a one-time run?

-Do you require a prototype?

-When do you need the product by?

-Does the product require any special tolerances?

-Is the part currently being made out of other material? What material?

-Does the part require special packaging?

There’s a lot of information we require but it’s likely you know the answers to most of them immediately. Supplying us with that information will let us consult with manufacturing much more quickly and get back to you on the project.

For assistance with your FRP project contact us today.