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Getting The Help You Need For Your FRP

Getting The Help You Need For Your FRP

So, you think you have a project that need Redco FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) where do you start? It can be daunting to figure out how to get your projected quoted or ready for quotation and there isn’t a one size fits all approach. So we’ll try to speed up the process for you with our recommendations below. They will all end up having you contact Redwood Plastics, the supplier of Redco FRP (“Redco” is a Redwood Plastics trademark) but the preparation is different.

1.) You have a drawing for a project which involves FRP

The first thing is to make sure the FRP is properly spec’d. Look for a note that says something like “T1800-1″ pultruded grating gray” simple “FRP grating” on a drawing will not be enough for us to quote. We often get contractors that just “click” forward of a drawing to us without the proper specs. We need those specs, so if you get them first, that speeds the quotation process. Once done please email us.

2.) You need design help

This depends on what type of design help you need. Redwood Plastics does not have engineers to assist. However, depending on the scope of the project, we may be able to supply online access to the “Strongwell Design Manual” which you – especially if you’re an engineer yourself – can use to design your project. For access to the design manual email us.

3.) You know exactly what you need

Simply fill out our RFQ form with the information you have. Please be as descriptive as you can, with quantities, colors, etc. given. If we don’t have this information we must ask, which will slow down the quotation process. Note that our RFQ form does allow you to attach one drawing.

4.) You need FRP product but it cannot wait – you need to know if it’s in stock

In this case, we would recommend you go to our website and initiate a “LiveChat” with an operator. See the box in the bottom right on that page. The operator can check on stock levels and/or phone the correct people to get you a quick answer if the material is stocked and how quickly it can ship.

5.) You just have some general questions about FRP

LiveChat is definitely your best option here. Just go to and click the box in the bottom right to start a chat. Alternatively, you can email us.

If your query does not match any of those above simply email us or start a LiveChat and someone will get back to you within one business day.