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Solution Spotlight: DURASHIELD Modular Access Points

Solution Spotlight: DURASHIELD Modular Access Points

Sometimes the most creative solutions are some of the simplest. There recently was an American city (Joliet, Illinois) that was building a new well house for their water pumping station. These building had previously been made out of brick and the problem was that maintenance was hard to do. A crane should have been needed to lift the pump or do maintenance but this wasn’t possible when the pumps were housed in a static building. Therefore maintenance and refurbishment of the pumps suffered.

The solution was to get Strongwell’s engineering team involved. The decision was to use the DURASHIELD modular panels to build the new well house partially out of FRP products, including the roof. This would allow for large parts of the well house to be disassembled and a crane to be used for maintenance. 3″ x 24″ panels were used, these interlock via a simple “tongue and groove” design and are thus easy to install. The panels are very strong and are tested against both 100MPH winds and 40lbs snow loads. These innovative hybrid FRP-brick pump houses are expected to greatly outlast the former design.

The before and after photos: