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EXTREN – More Than Shapes

EXTREN – More Than Shapes

When Fiberglass structural shapes is discussed, the brand Redco EXTREN is usually associated. But EXTREN is far more than some I-beams, tubes, and angle in fact EXTREN is an entire resin series, which includes plate and grating. Redco EXTREN comes in three types which offer different advantages:

EXTREN 500: The 500 series is a polyester resin and has a standard color of olive green. It is recommended for basic applications in an environment that is not heavily corrosive. This is the “economy” grade product and though it does not include a fire-retardant, it does include include a UV-inhibitor.

EXTREN 525: The 525 series is also a polyester resin but has the additional benefit of added fire retardant. Its color is grey.

EXTREN 625: The 625 series is the premium offering of the bunch. In addition to fire retardancy, EXTREN 625 uses a vinyl ester resin instead of polyester. This gives the material very high corrosion and chemical resistance when compared to the polyester resin versions of the EXTREN product. The standard color of the product is beige.

Remember that various properties of EXTREN products are customizable. Not only color but other properties such as choosing to add grit or certifying the product as NSF 61 safe for potable water. The EXTREN product line needs to be looked at as a resin series with a much wider array of available products and solutions than simple shapes! You can find our EXTREN brochure by clicking here.

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