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FRP Grating – Stocked Profiles

Posted by on Nov 18, 2014 in Redco™ DURAGRATE® | 0 comments

Redco FRP molded grating can be supplied in a number of profiles, from 8 feet in length all the way to 20′. However, we do not stock...

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Grating – Why Choose Molded?

Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Redco™ DURAGRATE® | 0 comments

Redco FRP comes two broad categories of grating which we touched on in an older post “Molded or Pultruded Grating?” but a...

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When is Fiberglass the Better Choice?

Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in FRP Grating, Redco™ DURAGRATE®, Redco™ DURAGRID®, Redco™ EXTREN® | 0 comments

Trying to decide what materials to use for a new structural development project? There are a number of materials to consider when...

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Molded or Pultruded Grating?

Posted by on Feb 4, 2013 in FRP Grating, Redco™ DURADEK®, Redco™ DURAGRATE® | 0 comments

We carry two types of Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) grating – molded and pultruded – and we are often asked about the...

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